Crofton Village Pool
& Recreation Association


The Crofton Village Pool & Recreation Association (CVP&RA) offers recreational activities for the entire family. With two large pool/recreational facilities (Natucket and Wellfleet), members enjoy the use of four pools, tennis courts, basketball & volleyball courts, ball fields, a walking path, play areas, and more. In addition, members’ children have the opportunity to be part of a competitive swim team, and the entire family is invited to social events planned throughout the summer.

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If you are resident of one of these communities, you are ALREADY a member of CVP&RA! Contact your community association or onsite manager for your membership benefits.
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Nantucket Pool: 2301 Nantucket Drive • Wellfleet Pool: 3000 Nantucket Drive
Crofton Village Pool & Recreation Association is managed by Brodie Management • 410-571-1400 • Toll-free 1-800-314-1244